Today is December 11, 2019

Land Use Planning

"Land is finite resource, that all citizens are stewards of the land, and that the use and quality of The land are of prime importance to each present and future Xenia Township citizen."

The Land Use Planning Committee was formed in 2005.  The core committee is comprised of the Xenia Township Board of Trustees.  Other members are from the Xenia Township Zoning Commission, Township

staff, and citizen representatives.  The purpose of the committee is to identify appropriate land uses, such as to preserve soil best suited for farming and areas suitable for development of industrial and commercial uses. 

The Planning Committee began by dividing the Township into three planning areas:  an eastern, a northern, and a southern planning area.  Public informational meetings were first held for the eastern planning area.  Public meetings were then held for the northern and southern planning areas.

The Xenia Township Zoning Commission will be considering a Land Use Plan in the near future and would like to invite all residents interested in giving input for a Land Use Plan to attend any Zoning Commission meeting held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Board of Trustees Office, 8 Brush Row Road. Meetings start at 6 P.M.


Land Use Planning Committee

Ed Amrhein Yellow Springs Zoning Inspector
Stephen Anderson Greene County Regional Planning
John Cowherd Xenia Township Zoning Commission
Tamara Ennist Greene County Regional Planning
John Faulkner Former Xenia Township Trustee
John Harshbarger Xenia Township Resident
Victoria Long Beavercreek Township Zoning Inspector
Jim Miller Bath Township Zoning Inspector
Scott Miller Xenia Township Trustee
Rhonda Painter Former Xenia Township Zoning Inspector
Connie Paoliello Former Xenia Township Zoning Commission
Jeff Payne Tawawa Community Development
Jim Reed Xenia Township Trustee
Rusty Strader Cemex
Willie Washington Xenia Township Zoning Commission
Wilberforce Community Property Owners & Voters Association
Richard Zopf Miami Township Zoning Inspector