Today is December 11, 2019

Zoning Permit Questions

Why is a Zoning Permit required?

Xenia Township adopted a zoning resolution that regulates the development and use of land within the Township. These regulations protect the health, safety and general welfare of residents and property owners by creation of zones to prevent incompatible uses in close proximity to each other. The regulations also maintain the character of established neighborhoods and prevent inappropriate activities, such as automotive repairs in residential areas.

Permitted and conditional uses are designated for each zone. Permitted uses are controlled by specific regulation, such as setback lines, square footage, etc. An example of a permitted use is a single family residence. Conditional uses are approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals, which sets conditions particular to the requested use.

The Xenia Township Zoning Inspector issues zoning permits for buildings and structures that conform to regulations set forth in the Zoning Resolution. The zoning permit is the property owner's documentation that construction has been reviewed, inspected and approved by the Zoning Inspector. A building permit is also required from Greene County Building Regulations before construction begins. A zoning permit is required to obtain a building permit.

When is a Zoning Permit required?

A zoning permit is required for all types of construction:

  1. Residential - new dwellings, garages, sheds, fences, pools, patio and porch covers and enclosures, decks, additions, alterations, exterior structural repairs
  2. All commercial construction
  3. Signs and tents
  4. Driveways (approved by road Superintendent)

What Do I Need To Get A Zoning Permit?

  1. Zoning permit application and fee.
  2. Site plan (drawing of property indicating location and measure of distances from structures to property lines and other structures).
  3. Construction drawings.
  4. For new residence--Board of Health septic approval, if applicable.
  5. Submit all information to Xenia Township Zoning Inspector for review and approval.